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We welcome you to The DC Center for Rational Prescribing (DCRx)!  This resource is sponsored by the DC Department of Health to provide evidence-based information about prescribing behavior, medications, and other therapeutic options. The instructional material presented here addresses important issues related to medication prescribing in a non-commercial and independent fashion. Program modules represented here are certified for continuing medical and pharmacy education and are free of charge.  We hope that you enjoy these learning experiences and that they bring you opportunities for personal growth and learning in your practice.
Gregory J. Downing, DO, PhD
DCRx Course Director
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Obesity Management & (LIVE) Long COVID: Exploring Advancements and Managements

Available Now!

Allergies and Anaphylaxis: Focus on Food and Drug Reactions

  • Why Essential: With rising cases of food and drug allergies, it's crucial for healthcare professionals to effectively identify and treat these conditions, including anaphylaxis, to ensure patient safety and care.

Opioid Addiction Identification and Treatment with MAT

  • Why Critical: As opioid misuse escalates, understanding MAT becomes imperative. Recent regulation changes now allow prescribers to administer MAT without an X-waiver, expanding your ability to combat this crisis.

Available Now (12/23): Taking an Inclusive Sexual History

Course Director

Gregory J. Downing, DO, PhD
Innovation Horizons, Inc.
Adjunct Professor of Practice
Georgetown University

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